Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome Back to the sixties!

How much I like sixties garage rock? It's impossible to explain, so I drew it. It is raccomended to listen "99th Floor by The Moving Sidewalks" while watching this sketch


Federico Distefano said...

I dont know this Rock Band but I will search something of their works on Youtube.
And I'm just chiedend why I scriv in inglisc se I son italiano and così I credo che terminerò il mio commento nel mio idioma.
Ciao e buona serata! ^^

Fabry Fab Workbench said...

Thank you very grazie dell' comment Federich TheStephan!

Mobu said...

BLurp purlp plurp blum
blom blur blop blop
blup blup blup
blorm blim blopm

Fabry Fab Workbench said...

ascoltare musica sott'acqua rende meglio l'idea!

Ciao Mobu!

angelvolga said...

When I woke up this morning,
I didn't feel so good
Then my baby told me,
I'll make you feel like you should

So we got on an elevator,
And then we shut the door
Baby, we won't stop,
We won't stop till
We get to the ninety-ninth floor

Next thing that came to me
Came much to my surprise
Then I began to realize
That you were telling me no lies

So come on, come on,
Come on, baby,
Let's do it some more
Said that we won't stop,
We won't stop till
We get to the ninety-ninth floor

Come on, baby...
Come on and treat me right
Let's go to the ninety-ninth floor
And make me feel so right...

Phabio said...

Suppa good vibes! Very nice work, as usual ;)

Pensa te che roba... sono blogger anche io da qualche tempo: passa a trovarmi!

Sara said...

Mi piace, ne voglio vedere altri! :D

Sara said...

Meglio non commentare in inglese, farei delle figure maffe.

Fabry Fab Workbench said...

Grazie Sara, Troppo Gentile!

Ty Carter said...

This is AWESOME! great blog!